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Heat Hut

Brand identity and campaign aimed

at generating a local buzz for a store selling vintage designer streetwear and trainers. 

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Creative Services

Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy


The Background


Established in 2020, Heat Hut is the creation of lifelong friends united by a passion for streetwear and a burning desire to stand out from the crowd. Located in the bustling heart of Ely, in store and online you’ll find everything from exclusive fresh trainers, to vintage pieces and timeless designer clothing.

The Goal


To create a striking visual identity and generate a local

buzz on a string shoe budget. With the aim of creating a

solid foundation from which the brand could organically grow.

The Solution


At the centre of the identity is a bespoke logo which

references the visual language of streetwear brands and skateboarding stickers. Complementing this is carefully art directed photography that pays homage to the DIY aesthetics

of streetwear and skate culture. A buzz was created through the implementation of a local campaign merging multiple OOH applications and digital strategies.


A complete branding process was undertaken, including

web design, print and digital campaigns, art direction

and apparel design.

Campaign Final Visual - 3.jpg
Campaign Final Visual - 3.jpg
Campaign Final Visual - 3.jpg
Campaign Final Visual - 8.jpg
Snapback - 2_edited.jpg
Campaign Final Visual - 11.jpg

The Heat Hut Lookbook 2022 was designed to represent the non-conformist punk attitude of Heat Hut and showcase the synergy between hip-hop / skate fashion and streetwear.

Final Layout - 28.jpg
2023 - Magazine Edit - 1.jpg

The location of the photoshoot was a warehouse originally

built as a cold storage unit during World War 2. This industrial

setting retains many historical features which were utilised as

backdrop to the imagery. A small creative team was assembled

to oversee the art direction and styling of the shoot. Both print and

digital assets were designed.​​​​​​​

Final Layout - 22.jpg
2023 - Iphone Edit - 3.jpg
Heat Hut Website 2022 - Edit 5.jpg
Final Layout - 15.jpg
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