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Creative Services

Brand Identity
Web Design

The Background


Luke Eskesen Fitness offers specialist personal training

services from a gym based in Holborn, central London. 

Since the global pandemic began in 2020, people value

their mental and physical health more than ever before and

are keen to implement exercise into their working day. Luke Eskesen Fitness saw the opportunity to expand their client

base to focus on creating corporate fitness programs for City

Of London based businesses who are looking to help the wellbeing of their staff.

The Goal


The objective was to facilitate growth in the corporate sector through the creation of a sleek and refined brand identity inspired by the visual language of health, fitness and sport. 

The Solution


The solution centres around a bespoke logotype that metaphorically suggests movement and strength. The

logotype in combination with a stark colour palette is

applied to digital applications such as a website and

print applications such as business cards and T-Shirts.

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